A Lumberjack Birthday Bash

I have always been a big fan of celebrating birthdays. We don’t go over the top, but there is something so fulfilling about making someone feel special on their birthday. Planning a party, organizing a group dinner, making a gift, or even just sending a card with a heartfelt note is something I enjoy. So when it was time to celebrate Jack’s first birthday, I knew I wanted to do something that would be special for our family.
Let me tell you, though. I did not think I would be the person who put so much time into a one year old’s birthday party. “He won’t even remember it” is something I would have said a few years ago. Obviously I am in a much different position now that I have a son, and I wanted the party to reflect our love for him. With all that being said, I tried to keep this party inexpensive. I don’t think the amount of money I spend reflects the amount of love I have, I’m too frugal for that way of thinking anyway. What I mean is that I wanted to put in the time to make decorations, make the food, prepare to fill our home with more people than we originally planned for. Fill it with people, fill it with love for our sweet boy who is indeed so very loved.
So I’d like to share some of the details about Jack’s big celebratory day. I’m proud that I was able to pull something off that was well decorated, consistent in theme, and mostly hand made – without spending a ton of money.