Goals for the New Year

Last week I wrote about my difficulty sticking with many of my past resolutions and goals long-term. No matter how good my intentions, few things I have tried became normal, natural parts of my daily routine.

As I thought about my goals for the new year, I tried to stay realistic yet hopeful. Many of these goals are goals I have set for myself multiple times in the past, so I knew I needed to approach these goals in a different way. I knew I could not put too much rigidity into the goals I set for myself, or unnecessary pressure with unrealistic goals. I am historically unsuccessful when I do that.

I also wanted to keep in mind that goals aren’t meant to be easy, they require hard work and diligence. I was feeling motivated when I developed my goals and my plan for success, and hopeful that I could be successful and have an improved future by working toward my goals.

Goal #1: Make a commitment to exercise

Yeah I know, this is the most stereotypical “New Years Resolution”, but hear me out. Exercise in some fashion has been a part of my life relatively consistently, it has been something that is enjoyable and makes me feel good. After having Jack, exercise became inconsistent, sometimes nonexistent. In the past few weeks I have been getting back into yoga and taking some classes at a local gym, and I am feeling good about it again.


Goal #2: Blog more consistently

It’s easy for me to lose confidence in myself, or have complete writers block for stretches of time. I fall out of writing for the blog, and it starts to feel like a chore if I’ve been away for too long. I want to try and avoid getting to that place, by committing to post once a week. If I’m really struggling, I’ll reach out for support or guest posts, and that will at least keep me engaged.


Goal #3: Family activities

I would like to plan monthly activities/outings/events for Ryan, Jack and I (date nights with Ry count too). I really enjoy planning things for us to do, and this will always give me something to look forward to.


Goal #4: Accomplish updates around the house

There are so many little things that need done around our house. Once a month I’d like to tackle something on the list. In the first few months will probably be going through closets to donate old clothes, and painting our upstairs hallway. Both are desperately needed!


Goal #5: Keep up with hobbies

I’ve written before about how easy it can be to let time spent just for me slip away. I want to make sure I dedicate time every month for my hobbies: reading, baking, hiking, that kind of stuff.

Bonus Goal: Continue breastfeeding Jack until he is ready to wean. This may be tricky as I will be away from him for a week in June, but I’ll figure out that plan when it gets a little closer to June.

These all sound like great goals, but they are all things I have said I will do before. So what makes this time any different?

  1. I am going to utilize my planner big time this year. I always get these nice planners for Christmas with lots of tools for organizing and planning ahead, I am going to make better use of my planner this year!
  2. Involve other people. Invite my mom to a class at the gym, or have her come over for yoga. Ryan and I love to take the dog for walks and hikes in the warmer weather, so making sure we plan together for things like that. Asking for help with the blog when needed (which is way easier said than done, so we will see how that goes). Also, I can involve other people by making my goals known. Talking about them with family, setting up my home with reminders and encouragement.
  3. Checking in weekly and monthly. Going back to using my planner, I am going to put check boxes for my weekly goals on every page, and schedule in some reflecting time at the end of the month. If I notice I’m off track, I can re-evaluate and move forward with more intention.

So those are my plans. Nothing groundbreaking, but important to me! I’m excited to make this commitment to myself and see what happens.

What are your goals for this new year? How are you hoping to accomplish them?

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  1. My goals for 2017 aren’t unlike yours. I want to make time for better self-care, spend more time with friends, pursue passions and hobbies, cook more. It is all about finding the balance to do it all. Or maybe it’s not about doing it all, but steps to do some of it. Progress not perfection.

  2. I wrote out some personal goals for the first time this year. Seeing them on paper is really giving me some excitement about them. Love your goals!! Keep on keeping on 🙂

    1. It’s so easy for the time to get away from us! We did some initial updates early on (removing wallpaper, painting) but not much has happened since our son was born

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