7 Days of Self-Care: Day 7

We’ve come to the end of the week focusing on self-care. Each day I focused on a different way to practice taking care of mental, emotional, and physical health (you can follow along from day one here), and my 7 topics don’t come close to how many ways you can take care of yourself. I chose the highlight some of my favorites, or things that have been incredibly helpful for me.


When I first became a mom, obviously, all of my focus went to taking care of Jack. This gives me an immense sense of joy, but “mom” quickly became my identity. It’s gotten a lot better, but my anxiety makes it very hard for me to spend time away from Jack, so for awhile I was missing out on everything I used to do and enjoy.

I’ve slowly been working to reincorporate hobbies back into my routine. By doing so, I feel like I’m reconnecting to Kate, and not just being mom. As I talked about yesterday, I’m back to doing yoga. I started reading a book I got from the library last week. My parents came over to watch Jack after work last week, and I was able to go to an evening Crossfit class for the first time since before Jack was born. I’ve even discovered that I actually really like cooking and experimenting with new recipes. I was always a fan of baking instead of cooking, so this is a new hobby for me!

It’s been awhile since we have gone hiking, I would like to start doing more of that. This is the perfect time of year for hiking too. I used to color in adult coloring books, ride my bike, and crochet. It’s exciting to know that I am in a place now where if I want to go back to these things, I will. I can now more easily say I’m going to go ride my bike for a half hour and leave the boys home to hang out.

I’m getting back to the things I enjoy, the things that make me feel like me, and it’s pretty great. This series was only 7 days long, but I truly feel like I have improved myself by being purposeful about what I am doing to take care of myself. I hope that if you’ve been reading along, you have been inspired in some way to take care of yourself more or in new ways. Thanks for sticking with me through this.


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    1. Thank you, Stephanie! It’s amazing how much every aspect of your life can change when you make self-care part of the routine

  1. I have followed this entire days and loved it. You should definitely do this again! Or something similar. 🙂 Hobbies are so important. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday, but everyone needs hobbies.


  2. I have loved these posts! I am a big proponent of taking care of ourselves. We get so busy and tired taking care of the little ones that we need to remember US too! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you! It’s easy to forget that sometimes. I was home alone this weekend with a sick baby, so at least while he was awake, I definitely forgot!

  3. I agree it’s so important to hang on to the things you loved to do before momming, or develop new hobbies. But one way or another, it’s so good for us as moms to continue to develop ourselves as individuals. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It’s so hard to keep your identity once kids come along. My youngest is 15 months and I am just coming out of the baby fog. I’ve started working out again and trying to find a creative outlet for myself. Nice series!

  5. Excellent series, all valid and great for renewing our commitment. I know for me it has taken a lot longer to return to self care since having my second child. With kid number one, it was about a year. And kid number two, closer to 18 months. My indicator is when I could actually eat a meal and taste it (a mix of presence of mind and being able to eat slower).

    1. Those are great indicators! I feel like I’m getting to a place where I can slow down and eat too, instead of just shoveling it down to finish while I have a free minute!

  6. These have been great post! Thank you for sharing. I felt the same way you did after having my son. Babies are so demanding and need every bit of our attention and energy, it so hard to remember who you were before a baby. Now that my little guy is getting older, I’m beginning to get back to those hobbies and activites I enjoyed too. Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Laura! I’m so glad to hear you’re getting back to the things you enjoy. You’re right, the babies take so much focus and energy, even when I do have time for my own activities, I’m often too tired!

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