7 Days of Self-Care: Day 1


Welcome to my 7 days of self-care series. During the next week, I will be focusing daily on ways that I practice self-care, to take care of my mental, emotional, and physical health. I’m purposefully starting this on a Friday because it’s always easy for me to get away from self-care when I’m on a busy weekend schedule. This mama puts herself last when a lot is going on! I also think that the accountability of making this a series will help me get back on track with taking care of me, and get me closer to making all of the behaviors I practice this week more of a hair. So let’s get started!

Day 1: Deep Breathing 

Something that I try to practice often, and frequently use in my work, is deep breathing. There are so many benefits of deep breathing, such as releasing toxins and tension (hello, anxiety), and improving physical, emotional and mental health. These are really just a few of the benefits of deep breathing!

When I practice deep breathing, there are a few things I try to do:

  • Close my eyes (if possible and safe to do).
  • Inhale slowly through my nose, and exhale slowly (either through your nose or mouth, some people prefer one over the other).
  • Let my breath expand my diaphragm, move down in my belly, instead of staying in my chest.
  • Hold the breath between inhalations and exhalations, just for a few seconds.

If I am struggling with anxious or other negative thoughts, I may count in my head as I breathe. In for 4, hold for 4, out for 4, hold for 4. Sometimes having the numbers to focus on helps quiet the negative thoughts. If I don’t need to count, then I just focus on the quiet and how my body is feeling.

Deep breathing is so easy to do, I mean, we have to breathe anyway; it’s just not always easy to remember to do. Try and find some time during your day, even if it’s just for a few minutes, that you can spend focusing on and slowing down your breath. Your body and your mind will thank you!

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    1. Thanks, Erin! I do this before bed too! I completely relate, my brain is always running a mile a minute. I joked once that I would write down every thought I had for ten minutes, so my husband could get a sense of what my brain is like for me!

  1. Self-care is so important, especially for stressed out busy mamas! We are the first ones to sacrifice when something needs doing. Great tips to find your center in the middle of a crazy day.

    1. Thank you! You’re right, we are always the first to sacrifice (and at least for me, that won’t change). I just have to remember to check in with myself after making sacrifices, to make sure I am taken care of after.

  2. I never realized how important deep inhalation was until I started doing this daily, every morning. I noticed a difference with my stress levels and when I would go run. So important to do this often 🙂

  3. Self care is so important.. We get so lost in our busy routines.. this is a great idea and I love that each day you are going to share each step.. thanks for sharing a reminding me I must do the same and focus on some self loving x

  4. Self care is something I struggle with, especially with being a mom of a little one. Long gone are the days of pedicures and going to the bathroom in peace and quiet. So I’m always looking for easy ways to take care of myself. I love this simple technique of just breathing. I don’t think of it in the heat of the moment or when I’m really stressed. I just sat here and did some deep breathing after I finished reading and it felt good. Thank you for sharing this and I look forward to getting some more ideas of self care!

    1. That’s awesome! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. It definitely takes practice remembering to use it in the moment (I practice when I’m stuck in traffic). Oh and how I relate to the bathroom point.

  5. What a cool series! I learned how to truly relax doing childbirth prep with our firstborn. This deep breathing is incredible and goes along way to removing anxiety. Thanks for sharing! ❤

  6. It’s crazy how sometimes I don’t think I have enough time to even do a simple exercise like this, or how I’ll “do it later” and never do. It helped so much. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! The great thing is you can really do it anytime and no one will know (as long as your eyes are open at least!) 😆

  7. This is definitely a goal of mine for the new year. We all need to slow down and take a few more deep breaths. I have always struggled with self-care, especially in the midst of school and working multiple jobs. I am finally slowing down to take care of myself!

    Thanks for this post <3

    1. Thanks for reading! The whole series is already posted, so you can check out the other posts if you want! Glad you’re taking the time to take care of you

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